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July 24, 2024

Freedom of Information

Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws

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Links to Other Sources of Access and Privacy Information:

U.S. Access Sites:

U.S. Department of Justice

lead federal agency on FOIA , includes statutory texts and materials, including agency FOIA contacts
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
press advocacy group, includes information on using FOIA
current guidance and case list from the Office of Information and Privacy, Department of Justice
University of Missouri FOI Center
extensive archive of FOI materials, including the Center's FOI Advocate newsletter
Freedom of Information Resources
offers a wealth of FOI resource information for federal, state, and international. Maintained by Syracuse University journalism professor Barbara Croll Fought
National Security Archive
public interest archive specializing in national security and foreign affairs, uses FOIA extensively
Public Citizen Litigation Group
public interest law group with extensive FOIA expertise
American Society of Access Professionals (ASAP)
professional organization for those working with the FOIA and the Privacy Act, includes annual training and seminars
Secrecy & Government Project
sponsored by the Federation of American Scientists, the Secrecy & Government Project specializes in classification issues, but provides information on access-related issues also
The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)
a data-gathering, research and distribution organization which compiles federal statistics for use in analyzing agency performance
James Madison Project
promotes open government issues, particularly concerning national security issues
FBI Electronic Public Reading Room
contains FBI files on famous individuals and historical events previously disclosed under FOIA
State Sites:

National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC)

national FOI organization for state FOI resources
Committee on Open Government (New York)
state government advisory committee provides opinions on state open government issues
Freedom of Information Commission (Connecticut)
state commission issuing administrative orders interpeting open records and open meetings issues
Brechner Center (Florida)
University of Florida project covering state open government issues
Admin Minnesota
administrative office in charge of interpreting Data Practices Act, includes indexed opinions
First Amendment Coalition (California)
California policy and lobbying organization on open government issues
First Amendment Project (California)
California public interest law firm dealing with press and open government issues
Coalition for Open Government (Virginia)
Virginia citizens' organization to promote open government , including improving the state FOIA
Virginia FOI Advisory Council
provides responses to queries from citizens and public bodies concerning interpretation of FOIA
Office of Information Practices
state office assigned responsibility of implementing, interpreting and monitoring Hawaii's access law
Office of the Indiana Access Counselor
Resources concerning Indiana's Access to Public Records Act (records) and the Open Door Law (meetings)
New Mexico Foundation for Open Government
state organization dedicated to open government, contains information and resources concerning open government in New Mexico
Canadian Sites:

Information Commissioner of Canada

Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, British Columbia

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Alberta

includes orders and reports of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, and also contains updated news of the Office
Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Nova Scotia Freedom of Information Review Officer

information about Nova Scotia's freedom of information and protection of privacy act, including reviews of complaints
Justice Department: Access and Privacy
Information on federal policies and decisions on access and privacy; links to many related topics and sites
B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
public interest organization which monitors implementation of B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Other International Sites:


provides coverage and analysis of the world-wide trend towards FOI laws
Privacy Commissioner, Australia

Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data of Hong Kong

UK Information Commissioner

Office of the Information Commissioner - Ireland

decisions, regulations concerning the Irish Freedom of Information Act
Riley Information Services
international information and privacy consulting by Tom Riley
Privacy Laws & Business
international newsletter on privacy with emphasis on Europe
Campaign for Freedom of Information (United Kingdom)
public interest group that monitors the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act in the United Kingdom
Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand
resources and information concerning the Privacy Act and privacy rights
Privacy Interest Groups:

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

public interest group monitoring civil liberties, privacy, and technology issues
Center for Democracy and Technology
public interest group monitoring civil liberties and technology issues
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
California-based clearinghouse for consumer privacy issues
Privacy Journal
privacy news and resources edited and published by privacy expert Robert Ellis Smith
consumer privacy site run by privacy advocate Jason Catlett
Health Privacy Project
information and resources on medical privacy policy
ACLU Collection on Privacy and Data Protection
information, forms, etc. concerning data privacy
Privacy Exchange
privacy resources pertaining to business and privacy presented from a business point of view

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